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Transform Your Fertility in 
8-Weeks with Fertile Faith Coaching

Learn how to restore your faith and trust in God's timing to get pregnant (while optimizing your fertility along the way!)

Are you ready to transform your fertility journey with faith, hope, and a whole lot of love? Let's dive into what the Fertile Faith Coaching Program has in store for you:

Restore Your Faith and Trust

Feel that deep confidence in God’s perfect timing and His amazing plan for your fertility journey!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Find that sweet sweet peace of God with faith-filled strategies that keep you calm and collected, no matter what!

Strengthen Your Community

Connect with amazing women of God who completely get it and are here to support and pray for you every step of the way.
What's INside the program?
  • ​My entire Fertile Faith Method for married women to trust God's timing to get pregnant
  • ​Voxer support for any urgent questions or daily encouragement between sessions via text and voice messaging
  • ​​Personalized coaching (5 spots left)through 3 video call check-ins to tackle your unique challenges together, face-to-face, and find solutions that work for you.
  • All access pass to the Fertility Resource Library including 25+ worksheets, guides, and more to help prepare you to get pregnant.
  • ​Email support for ongoing support and questions
  • ​Supportive community on a private app to connect with other women going through similar experiences

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Hey, Sister in christ

I'm Octavia.

I think you and I both know why you're here, so I just quickly want to let you know that I get it.

In 2018, I experienced two back-to-back pregnancy losses, one lasting 45 days. I desperately wanted to become a mother, but due to hormonal imbalances and the overwhelming uncertainty of when it would happen, I faced continual disappointment. 

I tried everything – ovulation tests, hoping for the best, and I THOUGHT I was pretty healthy – but my body wasn’t optimal for conception. 

This led to a chemical pregnancy, and I found myself straying from my faith, feeling frustrated and discouraged.

I never stopped trying, though. But I knew that just hoping for the best and relying on unreliable methods wasn’t for me.

I needed a reliable system to break free from the cycle of disappointment, where I would hope and try, only to find myself constantly battling the same struggles again. I couldn’t find a system like that. 

So I decided to create it.

I leaned into my quiet time with the Lord, listening to His guidance through daily devotion and prayer. He showed me the next steps, and I realized that my lifestyle needed a complete transformation, both physically and spiritually. 

With God's help, I made these lifestyle changes, and eventually, I conceived my rainbow baby.

Now, I share this process with other women of God trying to conceive. I created a coaching framework for myself and all the other women of faith who know that there’s hope and a future filled with the joy of motherhood.

So how does it work exactly?
Can this really work? Yasss sis!
In the beta launch of my signature course....
Avery announced her pregnancy! 
(The same month I conceived my third.) And she just had a healthy baby girl!
and Tania increased her cervical mucus (which is a vital part of the conception process)!
The Fertility Prep Academy
Here’s some of what we’re going to work on:

First, I am going to help you finally get hormonal balance and regular cycles.

Core topics:
  • Get your hormones in check so you can finally feel like yourself again.
  • Say goodbye to irregular periods and hello to a more predictable cycle.
  • Understand what your body needs and give it the love it deserves.
Next, I am going to show you how to nourish your body as God's temple and optimize your diet for fertility.

Core topics here are:
  • ​Create personalized nutrition recommendations that are not just healthy but doable!
  • Discover foods that give your fertility a natural boost – think superfoods for supermoms-to-be.
  • Feel more energized and ready to tackle your day-to-day with a nutrition plan that works.
After that, I will help you develop a sustainable exercise routine and manage stress effectively.

Core topics:
  • ​Find a workout routine you love that fits your crazy schedule and helps your body get baby-ready.
  • Learn faith-based techniques that keep you calm and collected, even on tough days.
  • Build strength and resilience to support a healthy pregnancy.
Finally, I will teach you how to build a supportive community and maintain a faith-driven approach to your fertility journey.

Core topics:
  • Connect with other fertility warriors who get you and share your faith and fertility goals.
  • Lean on your faith to find peace and positivity throughout your journey.
  • Reflect on your progress and tweak your plan as you grow.
  • ​Plan for a bright future filled with health, happiness, and the joy of motherhood.

My experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically...

...so I'll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

Sophie shared that after facing a miscarriage and being advised to take medication, she and her husband chose to rely on the Lord instead.  She used the methods I teach and after welcoming her little one in February 2024, encouraged our group of women saying: "Do not give up ladies! God is good and he wants what is good for us!"

Who is Fertile Faith Coaching for?
Married Women of God Trying to Get Pregnant: 
Been trying for over six months? Faithful but frustrated? This is for you.
Women With Busy Lifestyles:
Juggling work, home, and church? Need a clear plan that fits your hectic life? This program will fit into your schedule.
Specific Fertility Concerns:
Doctor said nothing's wrong, you have unexplained infertility, low ovarian reserve, blocked tubes, or conditions like PCOS? You're in the right place.

Emotional and Spiritual Struggles:
Feeling down, stressed, and struggling to keep the faith? I understand and I'm here to support you.
Natural Approach Seekers:
Tried other methods with no luck? Want a faith-based approach? I'm all about that.
Strong in Faith:
Your faith is your foundation. Want to keep it central on your fertility journey? This is for you.
Needing Community and Support:
Craving a supportive, like-minded community? Looking for accountability and encouragement? Join us.
Client testimonials
Ready to turn what's been "testing you" into a testimony?
Girl, it’s time to make a change. 

Join the Fertile Faith Coaching Program and let’s walk this journey together. 

In just 8 weeks, you’ll feel more at peace, supported, and confident in God’s plan for you. 

Let’s make it happen!
Limited Spots Available
Want a Sneak Peak of What we'll Cover?
Fertility Prayer
Dive into daily prayer and devotion strategies with my Fertile Faith Method. Trust God's timing and witness His faithfulness, bringing you peace and hope on your fertility journey.
Accessing the Faith Over Fear Mindset
Use powerful scriptures and mindset coaching to overcome fear, trust God, and find joy on your journey, helping you stay positive and spiritually strong.
Identifying and Correcting Cycle Patterns
Finally, get a clear understanding of your fertility signs and cycle. Make simple changes to boost your chances of getting pregnant.
Trust in His Plan
Learn to stay positive and patient with personalized coping strategies. Strengthen your faith and stay centered on God’s plan, even during tough times, helping you feel spiritually strong and hopeful.
Holy Habits
Refine your habits to align with your fertility goals. Create a lifestyle that supports your journey, nourishing your soul and body, and enhancing your readiness for motherhood.

Thea's story is so inspiring! She's not only restored her faith in the Lord but also feels convicted to say no to new age practices. She even said this spiritual and emotional transformation is as priceless as having a baby. How amazing is that?

Thea's story is so inspiring! She's not only restored her faith in the Lord but also feels convicted to say no to new age practices. She even said this spiritual and emotional transformation is as priceless as having a baby. How amazing is that?

Why work with a Fertility doula?
“While your physicians are there to give medical advice, fertility coaches are there for everything else. They look at the whole person — not just the infertility diagnosis.” 
- Healthline.com
Dealing with fertility challenges can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Fertility coaches offer emotional support, coping strategies, and a safe space for individuals to express their feelings. 

While fertility doctors focus on medical interventions, coaches address specific lifestyle changes, cycle optimization, and the emotional aspects of the journey.

Fertility coaches also often focus on preconception health, emphasizing lifestyle changes to optimize fertility before seeking medical interventions. 

This proactive approach may appeal to individuals who want to modify their lifestyle before undergoing medical treatments.

Frequently asked questions
Q: Does this only work for women who are trying to get pregnant naturally?
A: No, this program is meant to support both women who are trying to get pregnant naturally and undergoing fertility treatments. I do however specialize in natural methods as a certified natural fertility coach.
Q: I am new to trying to get pregnant. Will this still work for me? 
A: Yes, this can work for you. This information will put you ahead in the preconception process as you navigate this new journey.
Q: I've been trying to conceive for a while. Will I still find value?
A: Yes, this solution will work particularly well for you. It's a great way to finally feel encouraged and supported on your fertility journey so you can focus on feeling your best every day.
Q: Can I wait and join later?
A: Yes, but this offer is in it's beta phase meaning the price will increase soon.
Q: How much support is included?
A: There is 24h voxer support included which means that you will get all your questions answered within 1 day through text or voice messaging.
Q: What are the next steps?
A: After purchasing we will schedule your initial 90-min consultation. This will be a face-to-face call. During our call we walk through how to get the most out of the program and create your fertility plan.

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