I've Helped 20 Ambitious Christian women Get Pregnant in the past year!
Struggling with pinpointing ovulation or facing emotional setbacks on your fertility journey?
The Fertile Faith Method Guides You to embrace
 a faith-filled journey
transforming frustration into a streamlined path to joyful conception!
Are you tired of...
  • Constantly wondering when it will finally be your turn...
especially as a busy working woman and caring, compassionate wife.
  • Scrolling through pregnancy announcements...
while secretly holding back tears.
  • Exhaustion from late-night Google sessions...
that often lead to heightened anxiety.
  • If when you try for a second child, wondering...
what's wrong with you and constantly questioning yourself and God.
  • Feeling guilty or blaming yourself for not being able to conceive...
even hen you logically know it's not your fault.
  • Experiencing anxiety from not conceiving...
which is starting to affect your work performance.
NOW YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A BETTER WAY TO Feel Positive and Supported ON YOUR JOURNEY to motherhood!
You want to get pregnant so,
You're putting in the effort, doing the research, and following the advice to the letter 
Despite your dedication, the results you're hoping for seem out of reach. It's frustrating to pour your energy into something and not see the outcome. This struggle makes it difficult to stay motivated and focused on your end goal.
You've tried various methods and tools, hoping they would help you navigate your fertility journey
Here's the truth they don't often tell you: these solutions are keeping you stuck. What worked for others might not necessarily work for you, especially at the stage you're in.
you've given acupuncture, fertility yoga, and chinese medicine a shot,
deep down, as a woman of God, you're seeking a fertility journey that aligns with your faith and beliefs, not just the latest trends.
I was stuck...

Until I unlocked the Fertile Faith Method and found lasting peace and fertility success

My Journey began in 2017...
Six months into my marriage, my husband and I set out to start our family. Six more months passed, marked by the rhythm of consistent efforts, yet no success. 
Frustration began to settle in, and 
I felt the weight of uncertainty bearing down on me.
Attempting to conceive with 
ovulation tests and... 
...hope alone seemed like my only option. But I soon discovered a painful truth – while I was ovulating, my body wasn't healthy for conception and nurturing a pregnancy. 

The heartache deepened with my first chemical pregnancy and a blighted ovum loss that followed.
In my grief, my connection with God wavered, 
and I lost touch with my faith journey.
but In the middle 
of the storm...
I found peace in my quiet moments with the Lord, listening intently to His guidance. Through prayer and daily devotion, I was led to uncover the root of my fertility challenges. The realization struck me: improper cycle tracking and dietary choices were causing havoc in my body.
With God as my guide, I started a new journey to chart my cycle accurately, embrace healthier habits, and strengthen my relationship with Him. 

As my lifestyle transformed from within, I conceived my rainbow baby and went on to welcome three beautiful children into my life.
Now I want to help you do the same Thing!
So how does it work exactly?
Can this really work? Yasss sis!
In the beta launch of my signature course....
Avery announced her pregnancy! 
(The same month I conceived my third.) And she just had a healthy baby girl!
and Tania increased her cervical mucus (which is a vital part of the conception process)!
A faith-based approach providing 1:1 support for married women of God on their natural fertility journey. Get personalized private support to pinpoint ovulation and cultivate unwavering faith and peace on your fertility journey!
Fertile Foundations
Embracing surrender
Renewed trust
Transformative mindset
intentionnal nutrition
lifestyle of faith
Elevated health
All it takes is 
3 Simple Phases

to go from struggling to thriving in your faith and fertility

Plant the Seed

Think of this as the groundwork phase. It's all about your fertility signs – observing that trusty cervical mucus and keeping tabs on your body temperature. We'll nurture and optimize your fertility to set the stage for something beautiful.

Nourish Your Faith

Now, we shift gears to nourishing not just your body but your spirit too. It's about surrendering to the journey, trusting in God's plan, and building up that faith muscle. This phase is like the soul-food part of our program, making sure your faith is as robust as your nutrition.

CultivatE Confidence

Time to build that unwavering confidence! We're talking faith-filled lifestyle habits – mind, nutrition, and physical health. Picture this as your personal empowerment plan. We're cultivating a mindset that says, "I've got this," and we're doing it together.

Is Fertile Faith Coaching for you?
Who it's for:
  • Christian Women in Their 30s: If you're a woman in your 30s navigating fertility challenges, this program is tailored to your unique journey.
  • Busy Corporate Professionals: Designed for busy working women, especially those engaged in corporate careers, providing flexibility to suit your demanding lifestyle.
  • Believers Struggling with Unbelief: For those who believe in God but grapple with unbelief during the challenging moments of their fertility journey, this program integrates faith seamlessly.
  • Couples Trying to Conceive for the First Time: If you and your partner are embarking on the journey to conceive for the first time and seeking guidance rooted in faith, this program is your supportive companion.
  • Couples Trying for a Second Child: Great for couples attempting to expand their family and wondering about the challenges involved in conceiving a second child.
  • ​Women Overwhelmed by Negative Test Results: If you've been consistently faced with negative test results and need a fresh, faith-infused approach to conception, this program is crafted for you.
  • ​Individuals Trying to Maintain Faith Amid Discouragement: For those feeling discouraged on their fertility journey but determined to keep the faith without becoming too obsessed with the outcome.
  • Women Seeking a Streamlined and Proven Process: If you desire a clear, proven process for getting pregnant naturally, this program empowers you with the tools and guidance needed.
Who it's not for:
  • Those Not Open to Integrating Christ: If you prefer a fertility program without a faith-based approach, this may not align with your preferences.
  • Individuals Looking for a Quick Fix: If you're seeking an instant solution without putting work in, this program may not meet your expectations.
  • Those Unwilling to Make Lifestyle Changes: If you are not open to making lifestyle changes that contribute to a healthier fertility journey, this is not for you.
  • Individuals Looking for a Medical Approach: If you are solely seeking medical interventions without faith-based and lifestyle elements, this program might not be the right fit.
  • Those Seeking Guaranteed Results: No fertility doula can guarantee the outcome of pregnancy. If they do, RUN. Individual outcomes may vary.
the enemy wants you to think It's About fertility apps and ovulation tests.
When really It's a personalized Journey of faith and fertility,
Fertile Faith Coaching Includes:

1. Heart-to-Heart Coaching Sessions (6 Weeks):

Let's meet weekly, virtually, for a 60 minute chat about your unique journey. We'll dive into your cycles, ovulation patterns, and unveil strategies to optimize your fertility.

 2. Your Tailored Fertility Roadmap:

No one-size-fits-all here. Your roadmap will weave your beliefs, lifestyles, and dreams. As we progress, we'll refine the plan based on your journey's twists and turns.

 3. Emotional Support:

We'll tackle the emotional side of this journey - the frustrations, the doubts. I've got strategies to keep your mind positive and faith resilient.

 4. Stay Connected (3 months):

Unlimited text and audio messaging support for 3 months because I'm here for the quick questions, updates, or those urgent moments.

 5. Fertility Resources

Deep-dive into fertility essentials with resources that make sense for you. Expect worksheets and tools to support your understanding and implementation.

Don't let Fertility challenges 
hold you back.

Let's chat in a FREE Fertility Breakthrough Call to explore your current challenges and if coaching is the next step for you.

Why work with a Fertility doula?
“While your physicians are there to give medical advice, fertility coaches are there for everything else. They look at the whole person — not just the infertility diagnosis.” - Healthline.com
Dealing with fertility challenges can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Fertility coaches offer emotional support, coping strategies, and a safe space for individuals to express their feelings. While fertility doctors focus on medical interventions, coaches address the emotional aspects of the journey.

Fertility coaches also often focus on preconception health, emphasizing lifestyle changes to optimize fertility before seeking medical interventions. 

This proactive approach may appeal to individuals who want to modify their lifestyle before undergoing medical treatments.

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